COCONUT LONDON is a consumer consultancy that specialises in delivering considered campaigns and strategies for luxury and lifestyle brands, either on a retained or project basis. We use your brand values to create a bespoke, solution-focused plan that ensures all communication activity is primed to boost brand awareness. From news gen and events to influencer outreach and strategic counsel, everything we do is underpinned by a hardworking press office and a focus on SEO to ultimately drive bookings or sell products.

We’re obsessed with generating coverage, and liaising with the press is our bread and butter. The way the media works is evolving; journalists are younger, freelancers are cheaper and bloggers are blurring the lines between earned and paid media. Social posts can be more impactful than a double page spread and, whilst print is far from dead, it’s steadily becoming challenged as a sales driver with publications continuing to fold at an alarming rate. Increasingly, consumers are focused on instant gratification – if they can’t read an article and click through to book, buy or download on the spot, they’re less likely to end up using your product or service.

It’s our job to craft your story and put it into the hands of the right journalists, influencers and bloggers who will be most likely to talk about it. Here at COCONUT LONDON we don’t just outreach from a simple Gorkana media list, blast out a blanket email and hope for the best. Whether it’s a beauty journalist with a passion for travel or a tech writer with some serious baking skills, we know the right people for your story and what makes them tick. This enables us not only to get in front of them more easily, but also allows us to make your content relevant to both them and the audience they write for.

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